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The Big Story of the Bible: Biblical Theology

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Projects such as the below, help bible readers to understand what the bible is all about by providing the big picture of the story of the bible. Though the bible is made up of several individual stories, such as the story  of Adam and Eve in the Garden, the story of  the flood, the story of Noah, the story of Abraham, the story of Israel, the story of David, the story of the exile, the Story of Esther during the exile…etc; yet there is one unfolding drama, one climactic story line, one continuing narrative. Together, they are painting one big picture. This is the story in which our blessed savior, Son of the living God emerged out of. That is why the book of Matthew starts the way it does, like wise the book of Luke, connecting the birth of our savior with the announcement of the prophetic story. This is not only necessary but mandatory to understand the God whom we worship as true and the Lord Jesus whom we confess as Lord. Other wise those individual stories would be read allegorically to mean whatever the reader make them out to be. To repeat a popular cliché, in this area of discipline, we will be lost “not seeing the forest for the trees.” That is to say, the lack of such a bird-eye-view of scripture, seeing the whole as it were from the top, would inevitably drives us to miss the whole point of the scripture.

This is the area of focus of my study at seminary now, and also the Lord willing after my M.Div. This is the burden of my heart to do the same for my people, just as these precious folks are doing. It is a hard road to travel. Most importantly, it is a much misunderstood topic. If I give you an example, years ago, I preached on the theme of the temple from Eden of Genesis to the New Jerusalem of Revelation 22. I connected it with the coming of Christ and the Spirit, fulfilling the role of the temple and finally preparing it all for the consummation of heaven and earth our home of righteousness.  Afterwards, people were outraged and commented wondering why I was jumping from topic to topic, from book to book. I was advised to stop doing such a nonsense. I smiled at the charge because they misunderstood what I was doing. I was trying to help them see the big picture.

Therefore, I encourage everyone to follow the ‘Bible Project’ as well as the wonderful work at Bible Mesh, see here

Projects such as these will help you understand the scripture and prepare you to be competent and faithful in preaching the Word of God as truly it is, the Word of God. I encourage you to support for instance, the bible project here, (after watching the videos below) and to spread the word about this project or support so they can continue these videos for the edification of the church.

What is The Bible Project?

Biblical Theme: Heaven & Earth

Genesis Chapters 1-11

The Messiah

The Covenants

RELATED STUDY: This is part of a half day long teaching series conducted with my students, based on the redemptive historical narrative of the old testament, paying attention to the development of the royal seed promises of God, culminating on King Jesus as the exalted Messiah-Lord, resulting on worldwide blessing and judgement.

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