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ሕያው አምላክ ያህዌህ

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We are continuing our study from where we left off in our discussion of “God, Revelation and Scripture”. We have started with the unique identity of our God. This could be summarized as: God is Transcendent, Sovereign, Absolutely holy, Absolutely Personal. In our last lesson, we discussed the unique identity of our God as sovereign ruler of all, under “kingdom-and-sovereignty of God”. In this lesson, I developed the last unique identity, namely that God is personal; even Tri-Personal. This teaching is divided in four major sections, refer the outline below. (1) knowledge of God (2) The Personal Name of God: Yahweh (3) The Revelation of God: Manifestations of Yahweh in the Old Testament (4) The Covenants: Yahweh’s unique relationship with all realities (5) Yahweh as Father, Son and Holy Spirit

ይህንን ትምህርት ለመከታተል እዚህ ይጫኑ


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