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It’s Over!!

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itsoverWe have concluded section 8 of our lesson on the Sovereignty and Kingdom of God. I have no more lesson to add to this section, since I think we have covered the basics for our purposes. If you have endured thus far, I guarantee you that this is the hardest subject we will cover on the Doctrine of Scripture. I attempted to make it as simple and as clear as it can get. The only thing is that it takes time to settle in. That is why I am not adding anything new for the next few weeks, so that you have enough time to digest these lesson before proceeding to the next section-009.

If you finish these lessons, then you are handling the meat and the bone of the word of God. Be of good cheer, everything else will be easier from now on!

I am sure most of you are still listening to the teachings, and I encourage to finish them for the following reasons:

  1. The New Testament does not define both the Kingdom of God and God himself. The New Testament simply assumes the reader knows these pretty well since these are unveiled in the Old Testament. Therefore, this is a basic foundation for the New Testament understanding of Grace!
  2. This serves you also as a good background for understanding how to read and interpret the bible carefully. If you mastered these sections, then you will read the prophets and the New Testament with good grasp of their context.
  3. The other reason, I encourage you to master these sections is because many of us started to be ministers of the word of God with out grasping these truth. This will spare you, especially those of you that God called you into the ministry from making the same mistakes thousands of us made. That is why you hear us contradict ourselves. I had a conversation with a bible scholar last weekend, and we were discussing about Global Biblical Spirituality after lunch. Then he asked me how ministers of the Word of God are prepared for the ministry. I told him that how one becomes a minister in our churches. I have never seen a man so scared and dazzled. “It’s a tragedy”, he said. It is true, I didn’t lie. The reason I said this is so that you beloved brothers and sisters know that most of us made many mistakes, because we have not mastered the basics of God’s most holy Word.
  4. Practically, understanding God and His kingdom will spare you many nights of tears! Personally, knowing how the Lord works in my life and the world in general, helped me immensely to deal with pain, tragedy and failures. For instance, knowing Him helped me not to questioned God while my mother suffered for 9 years with Alzheimer’s disease and finally died! Most of the time, I have prayed with joy in a closed door knowing that was not in vain. Knowing His ways, helped me to see Him through it all. The hope to which she and I have was so much real, that I have never questioned why even for a moment. I knew the Lord was doing great things, than what we could comprehend. God was at work through her condition not only in her life, but in those of us who watched her suffer. God did in our life the unthinkable. My father was able to be strengthen in his loss because he understood the sovereign work of our God and that it is better than life.

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