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ከሥነ-ፍጥረት እስከ ክርስቶስ (BT)

Biblical theology is a reading of the scripture that focuses upon the organic development of the process of the self-revelation of God. This discipline takes note of the historic progressiveness of the revelation process and the embodiment of revelation as the word of God within history; and the organic nature of the historic process observable in revelation.
(A paraphrase definition from Geerhardus Vos)

The Fulfillment of the Davidic Covenant in Jesus of Nazareth, the Exalted Son, Psalm 2 (Part 8)

-   This is my recommendation that you would first listen to part seven of this series for comprehensiveness. This is the last session of part seven   - አሕዛብ ለምን ያጕረመርማሉ? ወገኖችስ ለምን ከንቱን ይናገራሉ? የምድር ነገሥታት ተነሡ፥ አለቆችም በእግዚአብሔርና በመሢሑ ላይ እንዲህ ሲሉ ተማከሩ። ማሰርያቸውን እንበጥስ፥ ገመዳቸውንም ከእኛ እንጣል። በሰማይ የሚኖር እርሱ ይሥቃል፥ ጌታም ይሣለቅባቸዋል። በዚያን ጊዜ በቍጣው ይናገራቸዋል፥ በመዓቱም ያውካቸዋል። እኔ ግን ንጉሤን ሾምሁ በተቀደሰው ተራራዬ በጽዮን ላይ። ትእዛዙን እናገራለሁ፤...
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Jesus is Better than King David: A Study of the Davidic Covenant

OT Context of the Davidic Covenant This is part of a half day long teaching series conducted with my students, based on the redemptive historical narrative of the old testament, paying attention to the development of the royal seed promises of God, culminating on King Jesus as the exalted Messiah-Lord, resulting on worldwide blessing and judgement. ከዳዊት ጋር የተደረገው ኪዳን (1 Samuel 16-2 Samuel 24) ...
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The Big Story of the Bible: Biblical Theology

Projects such as the below, help bible readers to understand what the bible is all about by providing the big picture of the story of the bible. Though the bible is made up of several individual stories, such as the story  of Adam and Eve in the Garden, the story of  the flood, the story of Noah, the story of Abraham, the story of Israel, the story of David, the story of the exile, the Story of Es...
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Coming Soon….

"ዳግመኛ የተወለዳችሁት ከሚጠፋ ዘር አይደለም፥ በሕያውና ለዘላለም በሚኖር በእግዚአብሔር ቃል ከማይጠፋ ዘር ነው እንጂ።  ሥጋ ሁሉ እንደ ሣር ክብሩም ሁሉ እንደ ሣር አበባ ነውና፤ ሣሩ ይጠወልጋል አበባውም ይረግፋል፤  የጌታ ቃል ግን ለዘላለም ይኖራል። በወንጌልም የተሰበከላችሁ ቃል ይህ ነው።" Teachings on these topics are going to be posted on the coming several months. The purpose of these posts is to fulfill the great commission of teaching everything Christ has commanded, in an attempt to encourag...
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