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Beholding the wonders of Trinitarian relations

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 September 20-22, 2013

SBTS_field01I attended a conference at our main campus in Louisville, Kentucky on the doctrine of the Trinity and the relationship of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Christian faith affirms that there is one and only one God, yet the being of this one God is possessed fully and eternally by three divine persons—by the Father, and by the Son, and by the Holy Spirit.

The “oneness” of God, then, is seen in the one undivided being of God, while the “threeness” of God rests fundamentally in the relationships each divine person has with each of the other persons. The conference gives special attention to understanding more clearly just how the relations of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit maintain real and genuine distinctions among the Trinity of persons without jeopardizing their full unity in and through the one eternal divine nature.

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I am enjoying my time, here. The Seminary is refreshing and relaxing. I think I should go back to NYC and persuade my dear wife to live here for good! 🙂 However the town is nothing like New York. Everything is slooooow. Every meal is made up of chicken and bacon. If you ask them to be taken out, you get that look! You hear a lot of southern accent. You see no one running to make it to the next cycle. Most importantly, the people are very friendly. Here in the city, we kind of bought the system. At the end of the day, being a Christian is showing random love to random people. Remember? The parable of the good Samaritan? The lawyer asked “Who is my neighbor?” Implying, “I know I am obligated some kind of kindness to my neighbor, but where is the boundary?, the person next door? my friends?” Jesus’ answer was a slap on the wrist, for a nameless man was shown kindness by the enemy of the Lawyer. A Samaritan. The Lawyer didn’t even want to call the name, rather than saying ‘the Samaritan’ he replied to Jesus ‘the one who had mercy on him’. Going back to my experience at the conference, I met two of my favorite bible teachers, whom I highly regard and one of the key note speakers at the conference. If you are intermediate readers, I recommend these two authors. I have given all my copies out to people and finally got one just to get them signed for me.

Fred Sanders: Author of the book “The Deep Things of God: How the Trinity Changes Everything“. I encourage those who are interested to read something intermediate and meaty about the Trinity and the glory of the gospel as the outworking Fred_ of the life of God.


Wayne Grudems Book is by far the one I gave out the most. Here Grudem with astonishing clarity teaches the whole biblical doctrines. If you purchase his book, it will help you especially digest the teaching that I will post under “ትምህርተ መለኮት/ Theology”. Grudem is telling me that this book is now translated in to Amharic and is now coming out this year. He will give me the contact person tomorrow. If so, this will be a very good resource that I will recommend for many years to come for personal discipleship.

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